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Sanders: $ 1.8 Million in Viral Photo Sales

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US Senator and Democratic former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday that he had raised a whopping $ 1.8 million for charities selling products featuring the viral photo of him during President Joe Biden’s inauguration.


He can be seen slumped on a folding chair with knitted mittens, an everyday grey coat and a mouth mask on the now-famous record.

The image on which AFP photographer Brendan Smialowski immortalized sanders has inspired thousands of memes worldwide to paste the photo into as many other images as possible. The photomontages raised Sanders, who is known for his passionate tone and grumpy demeanour, to internet cult status.

In five days, the senator from the northeastern state of Vermont managed to raise a whopping $ 1.8 million (nearly $ 1.5 million) from the sale of products on which he insisted, Sanders said in a statement.

Within thirty minutes after sales of t-shirts, sweaters and related products began on January 21, and stocks were already sold out. The new products that were delivered this weekend were already sold out on Monday morning.

“Jane,” his wife, “and I are impressed by the creativity of so many people, and we are delighted to help Vermonters in need,” Sanders wrote in a statement. Sanders did stress that parliament should do more to help working Americans through the corona crisis, “the worst since the Great Depression,” said Sanders.

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