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Saudi King Allowed to Leave Hospital After Series of Tests

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King Salman of Saudi Arabia has been released from the hospital after a series of medical tests. State media reported this on Monday.


A video released late Sunday night by the official SPA news agency shows 86-year-old Salman leaving the hospital in Jeddah. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, among others, accompanies the king.

Salman underwent, among other things, a colonoscopy, according to state media. State media previously reported that the colonoscopy results were “good” and that the doctors “decided to leave him in the hospital for some time to rest”. However, it is rare for Saudi authorities to publish information about the monarch’s health.

Salman has been struggling with ailing health for several years now. In 2017, he handed over most of his powers to his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The latter is the actual ruler of the kingdom. As a result, there is much speculation about King Salman’s health. The monarch appears less and less in public.

Salman took the helm of the kingdom in 2015, after the death of his half-brother Abdullah.

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