Germany Sends Anti-Aircraft Defence System to Ukraine

Later on Friday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz focuses mainly on combating the corona pandemic in his New Year’s speech.


He calls on Germans to fight together against the pandemic and support government plans. The text of Scholz’s first New Year’s speech as Chancellor has already been released.

The Chancellor wants everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as possible. “Speed is of great importance now. We have to be faster than the virus,” the released text reads. “Let’s try everything together, and I mean everything, to finally beat the coronavirus in the new year.”

In the text, Scholz asks for understanding for the tightening of the corona rules. The omikron variant is spreading even faster than previous variants, and that is why, according to him, the measures are necessary.

Scholz hopes that Germany can stand stronger together next year. He asks opponents of the corona measures to stop using violence during demonstrations and to respect other opinions. “A strong community can withstand contradictions if we listen to and respect each other.”

Scholz also talks about Germany’s economic progress. He calls the current decade a moment for new beginnings.

“We can face the most difficult challenges of our time together when we come together as a community,” the Chancellor concluded in his speech in the text.

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