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Senator Wants to Object to Biden’s Approval of Victory

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A Republican senator has announced that he would object if the US Congress is to approve the presidential election.


This is usually a formality, but if complaints are filed, according to American media, it can lead to hours of debate requiring a vote.

Congress, which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, must count the electoral college’s votes on January 6. It is then determined that Democrat Joe Biden has won the election.

Current President Donald Trump, a Republican, has not yet admitted defeat and insists fraud has taken place. Attempts to demonstrate this in court failed.

Republican Josh Hawley has now become the first senator to announce that he will be thwarted in Congress. According to a statement on behalf of the “millions of voters who are concerned about the integrity of the elections”, he is doing so.

Hawley’s party members in the House of Representatives have also announced that they will protest.

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