Share British Conservatives Hope for a Vote on Prime Minister's Fate

Part of the Conservative faction in the British House of Commons hopes party prominent Graham Brady will announce a confidence vote on the position of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday. Brady is expected to make a statement on Monday, according to news channel ITV.


Health Minister Sajid Javid said when asked only that a vote on Prime Minister Johnson was possible, but said it would not make sense.

Johnson has come under fire mainly for drinks and parties during corona lockdowns, but he is also not well with several Conservatives for other reasons. Johnson has apologized over ‘party gate’ and has no intention of stepping down. He counts on his opponents and critics to be in the minority.

Party rules now require at least 54 Conservative MPs to call for a vote. They do so via a confidential letter to committee chairman Brady who is the only one who knows how many Conservatives want a vote to replace the prime minister. Only 28 members are currently known to have requested a vote, according to SkyNews. But if there is a vote, it would take at least 180 Conservative MPs to overthrow Johnson on the no-confidence vote. The vote will be solely on the premiership and will not be followed by new elections.

The last time a Conservative prime minister had to deal with such a vote of no confidence from within his own ranks was at the end of 2018 during the difficult negotiations on the exit from the European Union (Brexit). At the time, however, a majority of the group supported Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson’s predecessor. According to the party statutes, only one such confidence vote can take place in a year.

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