Siemens Denies Blame for Lower Russian Gas Deliveries

Industrial group Siemens denies Russian allegations that the company is the cause of the lower gas supplies to Germany due to the Nord Stream pipeline.


“It’s very easy to bring in a company known in Russia,” Siemens’ chief executive Joe Kaeser told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Russia claims it had to cut gas supply through Nord Stream because a turbine, which keeps the flow of gas under the Baltic Sea going, never returned after maintenance by Siemens. However, according to former CEO Kaeser, that is no reason to reduce the gas supply so drastically. Russia went back to supplying 40 percent of the normal amount of gas through the pipeline in a matter of days.

German politicians have already called the move politically motivated. Russia would like to hit Germany because of the country’s support of Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invasion. German energy companies and economy minister Robert Habeck have also expressed concerns about Nord Stream’s annual maintenance period.

The pipeline will close completely for ten days on July 11. Germany fears that Russia may not resume gas deliveries after that.

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