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Significantly Fewer Toyotas Made Due to Parts Shortages

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The world’s largest automaker Toyota is clearly suffering from supply chain problems and shortages of parts such as chips. The Japanese company saw global production fall by nearly 40 percent in September compared to the same month a year earlier.


Toyota produced 512,765 vehicles in September. A year earlier, that was 841,915 cars. As a result, global sales fell by 16 percent. It is the first time in more than a year that Toyota has again reported a decline in sales.

The drop in production comes as no surprise. Toyota previously warned that it would cut production sharply because of the problems. Other Japanese automakers such as Honda and Nissan have also announced that they will have to limit production because the flaring coronavirus in Southeast Asia, in particular, is causing problems for suppliers, among others.

In the meantime, conditions seem to be improving somewhat. According to Toyota, production in November will be higher than the same month a year earlier and higher than in November 2019.

Thus, according to Toyota, it should be possible to make up for some of the missed production. Earlier this year, the company said it plans to produce 9 million cars. According to experts, this objective will “probably” be met.

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