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South Korean Hyundai to Build Electric Cars in the US

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South Korean car company Hyundai Motor, the parent company of the Hyundai and Kia brands, will build electric cars in the United States.


In this way, the company wants to respond to the increasing demand for electric cars in the US and the policy of the US government to stimulate electric driving.

Hyundai will spend billions of dollars on this in the coming years. The company will build the electric cars at its Montgomery, Alabama plant. Kia has a factory in Georgia. The company already sells electric cars in the US but is now mainly doing good business in the US market with its SUV models Kia Telluride and Hyundai Santa Fe.

President Joe Biden’s administration has announced that it will invest tens of billions in electric car charging stations and provide tax breaks for US-made electric cars. The American government also wants to electrify its vehicle fleet.

Hyundai is also going to invest money in filling stations for hydrogen trucks and in unmanned flying taxis. A new subsidiary is being founded in Washington that will focus on mobility by air, Hyundai said.

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