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Spokesperson Biden: Bringing Back Truth and Transparency

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Under new US president Joe Biden, “truth and transparency” must return to the press room, his press officer Jen Psaki said during the first press briefing at the White House since Biden took office. Psaki says that Biden gave her that assignment as a spokesman.


Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump and his spokespersons were known for not being too close to the facts and generally had a tense relationship with much of the American press.

Opening the press briefing, Psaki called the inauguration day “historic” and said she was honoured to stand behind the lectern in the White House press room. Press, “but that’s part of a democracy”. Psaki said she saw it as her job to restore the American people’s confidence in the messages from the White House.

Following the introduction, Psaki discussed the fifteen presidential decrees that Biden issued on his first day. They are mainly aimed at reversing the most controversial policies of the Trump era.

For example, Biden has ended the entry ban on people from many Muslim countries, constructing the wall at the border at Mexico, the American withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and Biden has decided that the US will join the Paris climate agreement again.

The new president has also decided to impose a masking requirement in federal buildings, aircraft, and federal soil. To combat the corona crisis, Biden has asked government agencies to ensure that people are not evicted from their homes and have taken measures to ease Americans’ financial burden with student debts.

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