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Spotify Takes Action Against Disinformation After Neil Young and Joni Mitchell Leave

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Spotify will take measures to tackle disinformation about the coronavirus. The Swedish streaming giant announced this on Sunday evening. Spotify was under pressure to take action after rock legend Neil Young announced a boycott.


Spotify will add links to all podcasts citing the coronavirus that will direct users to factual and science-based information about Covid-19, CEO and founder Daniel Ek announced in a statement.

“Based on the responses over the past few weeks, it has become clear to me that we have a duty to bring more balance and access to information that is widely accepted in medical and scientific circles,” said Ek.

The new feature will be rolled out globally in the coming days. The world’s largest streaming service also said it is looking at how it can better indicate podcast makers “what is acceptable” without openly talking about sanctions.

Spotify had come under fire after Neil Young announced this week that he would be removing his music from Spotify if the service continues to host Joe Rogan’s podcast. A few days later, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell followed Young’s lead.

Rogan is a popular but controversial comedian, and creator of the most listened to podcast on Spotify. He is accused of advising young people not to get vaccinated and spreading incorrect information about the coronavirus. Earlier, a number of scientists and mecidi had also denounced the podcast in an open letter.

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