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Study: Slightly Later Menstruation Possible Due to Corona Vaccination

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Women who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus may be able to menstruate slightly later than unvaccinated women. However, the difference is less than one day and probably only temporary.


This is shown by American research, with which scientists want to clear up misunderstandings about menstrual disorders after corona vaccinations.

Lead author Alison Edelman of Oregon Health & Science University explains to the French news agency AFP that the discovered effects of a corona vaccination on menstruation were “expected”. He called the results “very reassuring”.

Researchers used anonymized data from 2,400 vaccinated and 1,500 unvaccinated women who tracked their periods via an app. Menstrual cycles were monitored for three months prior to and three months after vaccination. Vaccinated women were found to menstruate on average 0.64 days later after the first vaccination and 0.79 days after the second vaccination compared to unvaccinated women.

The scientists were unable to provide a cause for the change. Presumably, the vaccination affects the immune system. The length of the menstrual period remained the same. The researchers emphasize that changes in menstruation can have various causes, such as an infection, illness or stress.

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