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Tech Companies Open the Books on Wall Street

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Investors on the American stock exchanges will again have to deal with the necessary data violence on Tuesday. Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet opened the books, and they are two of the largest companies in the United States. The messaging service Twitter also comes with quarterly figures.


Alphabet and Twitter are largely dependent on advertising revenue for their income. Other affected companies, such as social media companies Snap and Facebook, missed analysts’ revenue expectations. Both pointed to a change Apple was making to the operating system on the iPhone.

Now that users there are explicitly required to give permissions to apps that track them, many users choose not to allow that. This makes the information that the apps can collect about users less accurate, and advertisers want to pay less.

In addition to advertisements, Alphabet also earns a lot from cloud services, an industry in which Microsoft is also active. Over the past period, turnover has grown stronger because many companies had to make it possible for their staff to work from home during the corona crisis. That trend will continue, experts believe, and those working from home will not disappear completely.

Microsoft also benefited from working from home because many new computers were sold that ran company software such as Windows and Office, but collaboration software Teams also did well. In addition, now that many people, especially in the United States, are opting for another job, Microsoft’s business social network LinkedIn may also benefit.

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