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Tesla Again Deep In The Red After Two Profitable Quarters

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Tesla Again deep in the Red after two Profitable Quarters. Automaker Tesla recorded a loss of 700 million dollars in the first quarter of this year, the company reports on Thursday.


Tesla was still profitable in the last two quarters of 2018, but the group has difficulties switching production.

Turnover in the first quarter was also considerably lower.

CEO Elon Musk indicates that the company may have to raise capital again.

He predicts that the automaker will again be profitable in the third quarter, but Musk had to return to his predictions more often.

He previously built the expectation that the Shanghai factory would make three thousand copies of the Model 3 every week by the end of the year.

Now it seems that the so-called Gigafactory can make a thousand to maybe two thousand cars a week.

In the last quarter of 2018, the group posted sales of 7.2 billion dollars,

 but in the three months after that, sales of 4.5 billion dollars were recorded. It is a decrease of 37.5 percent.

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