Tesla Sued for Internally Distributing Video Recordings of Cars

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is being sued for violating the privacy of Tesla car owners. The reason is research by the Reuters news agency, which reported that Tesla employees could access video images recorded by car cameras.

Those sometimes intimate or embarrassing videos were then distributed within the company.

The recordings range from a naked man walking towards a Tesla to traffic incidents. Reuters reported that some images were commented on before being shared in group chats. For example, a Tesla scoops a child on a bicycle in one of the videos. The indictment says that footage quickly spread through a Tesla office in Silicon Valley.

The Tesla owner who has filed the suit with the court speaks of “tasteless entertainment”. She wants a so-called ‘class action’ lawsuit, making it possible for other victims to join. The demand is that Tesla ceases the “illegitimate conduct” and pays undisclosed damages.

Tesla uses video footage to develop car technology that allows cars to drive independently. The owners’ permission to share those images on their car’s touchscreen. In a customer privacy statement, Tesla explains that the images cannot be traced back to a specific customer.

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