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Texas Gets Toughest US Abortion Law After Court Decision

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Texas has passed the strictest abortion law in the United States. Women are not allowed to terminate their pregnancy after six weeks, even though they often do not know that they are pregnant at that time. Also, anyone can sue a woman or abortion clinic if they don’t follow the law.


Advocacy groups tried to prevent abortion in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy in the Supreme Court but to no avail. The court voted 5-4 on Wednesday against the emergency request from the organizations, which claim the law will make abortion impossible for at least 85 percent of Texas women who want the procedure.

The law has drawn strong criticism, including from US President Biden, who called it an “undeniable violation” of constitutional rights. Biden thinks it’s especially “outrageous” that citizens, like tell-tales, are allowed to file lawsuits against anyone who allegedly helped another person have an abortion. This may even include family members, healthcare workers, clinic receptionists, or strangers with no connection to the individual.

Texans are encouraged to take legal action against people involved in illegal abortions. Citizens can certainly get 10,000 dollars if they win a case. In a dozen other US states, politicians tried to pass similar abortion laws, but high-ranking judges always blocked them.

Vice President Kamala Harris is also angry. In a statement, she called the new law, which came into effect on Wednesday, a “total attack” on pregnancy health. According to her, the “ban” affects nearly 7 million women in Texas. Those affected will now be forced to seek out-of-state help or carry on with their pregnancy against their will.

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