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The Do’s and Don’ts at the Royal Wedding: This is the Etiquette

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The Do’s and Don’ts at the Royal Wedding: This is the Etiquette. The guests at the wedding of Harry and Meghan have to keep a lot of rules. What are you wearing, what is out of the question, how do you bow to the Queen? The best-known British etiquette expert gives advice, says CNN News.


Dress code
In a chic club in the centre of London, William Hanson stirs in his tea. The spoon loosely between his thumb and forefinger, his wrist spins controlled circles. A dark blue suit with a matching light blue tie. Tasty, but not too present. Of course, the etiquette expert is flawlessly cut and shaved. In everything the perfect gentleman.

Also on Harry and Meghan’s big day, proper clothing is incredibly talented, emphasises Hanson. , Stick to the dress code. If in doubt, call the bride and groom and ask for advice. “Rather than miss the board, like David Beckham at the wedding of William and Kate in 2011:” He did everything wrong “, sighs Hanson. “First of all, he had his outfit designed by Ralph Lauren. An excellent designer, but I do not understand that as a Brit you are asking an American to create something for a British royal wedding. ”

You saw that in the implementation, he explains. , The dress code was morning coat or lounge suit; a jacket or a suit with a tie. The performance closely follows:,, At morning coat all your garments have a different colour: pants, jacket, scarf and cardigan; nothing fits together. Beckham matched all the parts: he went almost entirely in the dark blue. ”

The former footballer also went wrong with his accessories. “There was no invitation to take your royal decorations with you. Beckham wore them. And he had pinned his decoration on the wrong side. Someone must have told him about it in the church because later on, he would carry him on the right side. “

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