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The US Government Gives Permission For Oil Extraction

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The US Government gives Permission for Oil extraction at the North Pole. The US government has given the Hilcorp Energy company permission to extract oil in the Arctic.


It is the first time that the US federal government has built a permanent oil production plant there.

Alaska already authorised oil drilling in the part of the sea that this state has control over.

Hilcorp wants to build an artificial island in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. From there, it can then drill for oil.

The permission does contain some restrictions and is dependent on obtaining a few other permits.

According to Secretary of State Ryan Zinke, the agreement fits within the “responsible improvement of natural resources”.

Environmentalists fear that, among other things, whales suffer damage from the construction of the island.

They also worry that oil spills will frighten the fragile ecosystem in the polar region.

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