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Transavia Staff Warns of Chaos in Ground Handling

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Transavia personnel are very concerned about problems with the handling of the budget pilot’s flights on the ground. As a result, passengers have to deal with delays and problems with luggage, FNV Aviation writes on behalf of active members at Transavia.


According to the union, the recent switch to ground handler Viggo, without experience at Schiphol, is the cause of the chaos at the airport.

At the beginning of this month, three Transavia flights departed without passengers’ luggage, and only a part of the suitcases went with seven other flights. According to FNV, this was due to staff shortages at Viggo. Trade union members working at Transavia complain in a letter that these problems, which were widely reported on social media, are damaging the good reputation of the airline. In the letter, they ask for clarification about how these problems should be solved.

Transavia acknowledged that it had fallen short earlier this summer but believes that there is no longer any chaos in ground handling. “Solved is a big word, but we’ve got it sorted,” said a spokeswoman.

Among other things, it isn’t easy to find enough staff to fill the rosters. “Viggo and we are dealing with a shortage in the labour market, especially among technical personnel and ICT employees, but we are not alone in this.” In addition, the corona rules for holidaymakers differ per destination and can always change, and the spokeswoman points out. This increases the workload, for example, when checking all vaccination certificates.

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