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Trump and His Wife were Vaccinated in January

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Former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were vaccinated against Covid-19 in January, sources confirm CNN, among others.


The 74-year-old Trump was still president at the time and did not publicize it. His successor Joe Biden did. He was vaccinated live on television on December 21.

The former president says he has downplayed the virus from the start so as not to sow panic. He rarely showed himself with a mouth mask and, according to Biden, pursued a disastrous corona policy.

In early October, Trump tested positive for Covid-19. After a few days in a military hospital, he was quickly on his feet again.

Shortly afterwards, he said that the corona pandemic in the United States was virtually over while the numbers of infections were on the rise in many states. In the US, more than 514,000 people have now died from the effects of the coronavirus.

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