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Trump Holds Rally in Arizona Despite Corona Criticism

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With less than a week to go to the election, US President Donald Trump has held another campaign rally, this time in the state of Arizona.


Trump did so despite criticism that he puts his reelection above the health of his supporters.

At the election rally in Bullshead City, Trump reiterated his claim that a corona vaccine will be available soon. “If I weren’t the president, if you had sleepy Joe as president, it would have taken you four more years to get a vaccine. You would never have gotten a vaccine,” Trump said.

According to a Trump campaign advisor, the campaign rallies are invaluable to the president as his Democratic challenger Joe Biden has raised more money to buy media ads.

“These meetings generate significant free media coverage that helps reverse Biden’s financial benefit,” said the advisor. “Fox News will broadcast the meetings more or less in full. It’s a great asset.”

Biden, who leads the nationwide polls, raised about $ 130 million (about $ 11 million) in the first two weeks of this month, almost three times more than Trump, who, according to Federal Electoral Commission data, is 44 million dollars.

Trump’s campaign advisor said the rallies are mainly organized in parts of the country where fewer people wear face masks and are less concerned about the risks of Covid-19.

“If you look at the map where the rallies are being held, you see an overlap with the dividing lines around Covid-19. So there is only one advantage,” said the campaigner.

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