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Trump Launches Platform on Website After Social Media Ban

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Former President Donald Trump has launched a communication platform on his website that should enable him to maintain digital contact with his supporters again.


After the storming of the Capitol in January, the American politician and businessman were banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among others, because he allegedly incited supporters.

News channel Fox reports that people on the platform called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump can post his messages, photos and videos to Twitter and Facebook. Still, it is not possible to leave a comment or enter into a discussion. “A beacon of freedom arises. A place to speak freely and safely” can be read in a clip on the site.

“This is only one-way communication,” one person told Fox News. “This system allows Trump to communicate with his followers.”

Trump has previously alluded to creating his own media platform as he has fallen out of favour with the channels where he once drew large audiences. Whether the initiative on his website donaldjtrump.com is part of this is unclear.

It will come at least a day before the Facebook and Instagram ‘court’, the Oversight Board, rules whether Trump has been rightly removed. Facebook indefinitely expelled Trump from its platforms after the January 6 riots in Washington. The ban on Twitter is permanent, the company confirms to Fox.

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