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Trump Wants to Sue Nevada State for Voting by Mail

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US President Donald Trump vowed on Monday to sue the state of Nevada after a Democratic majority passed a law there that ensures that all registered voters receive a ballot paper for the November presidential election.


That law is enacted in response to the corona pandemic, which has hit the United States hard.

Trump has, without evidence, repeatedly claimed that voting by post would encourage election fraud. On Twitter, he accused Nevada Democrats of an “illegal coup.” The president told journalists that he is preparing a lawsuit against the state.

“We’ll probably file something tomorrow,” Trump said in a news conference. Trump also said he has the right to prevent postal voting by issuing a presidential decree, but did not provide any further details about it.

Nevada’s Democratic Governor has signed the law, making it the seventh state to send ballots by ballot to all registered voters. Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington are already holding elections entirely through the mail.

California and Vermont opt for this at least this year because of the pandemic. “During this pandemic, I have committed myself to do everything in my power to ensure that people in Nevada can vote safely in the upcoming elections in November,” Governor Steve Sisolak wrote on Twitter.

Election experts say that all forms of electoral fraud, including post-vote voting, are sporadic in the US. Trump, who is far behind his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the polls, regularly questions the purity of the upcoming elections.

That is why he proposed to postpone the elections last week. Members of his own Republican party quickly dismissed it.

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