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Trump Was on the Verge of Respiration When He Had Covid-19

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When he contracted Covid-19 in October, US President Donald Trump was worse than previously known, The New York Times reports. That newspaper relies on four sources that were familiar with Trump’s condition.


The oxygen levels in Trump’s blood are said to have dropped so much from the lung virus that several White House officials feared that he should be put on artificial respiration. He was then taken to Walter Reed military hospital for treatment.

Trump showed signs of pneumonia, according to insiders. For example, there were spots in his lungs where moisture and bacteria accumulated. These are regarded as a sign of acute pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. The oxygen levels in Trump’s blood dropped below 90 percent. If they are slightly above 90 percent, it already counts as a severe case of Covid-19.

At the time, it came out that Trump had a fever and breathing problems. It was unknown so far exactly how severe the symptoms were, and how much White House employees had to talk to the president to get treatment.

Initially, Trump did not want to go to the military hospital. The prospect of being carried out of the White House in serious condition eventually persuaded him to seek treatment at Walter Reed Hospital.

Once at the hospital, Trump’s practitioners painted a rosy picture. Trump himself and sources around him denied that he was seriously ill.

Trump eventually recovered through experimental treatment. One of the resources given to the president, Regeneron, had not been approved by the regulator at the time but was administered after White House officials made an effort.

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