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Twitter Appears to Be Back on Track After Global Outage

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Microblogging platform Twitter appears to have gotten back on track after it suffered a global outage late Thursday night.


The social media company says it is investigating the cause of the outage. According to Twitter, there is no evidence that the outage was caused by a hack or security hole.

Users could not post on the platform. The international outage website downdetector.com has received tens of thousands of reports of the outage.

“We know people have problems tweeting and using Twitter,” said a Twitter spokesperson. “We are looking for a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.”

The microblogging platform has come under fire from Republicans in the United States as Twitter decided on Wednesday to restrict the circulation of a controversial article by the right-wing tabloid The New York Post.

That article, criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, is said to be based on “hacked material”, which violates the house rules of the social medium.

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