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Twitter Outlines Sweeping Details of Ban on Political Ads

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Political advertisements are no longer permitted on Twitter from Friday, 22 December. This is, for example, compensated marketing where people are called upon to aid a campaign or vote for a particular politician.


CEO Jack Dorsey experienced already suggested last month that he desired to bar governmental ads. Nevertheless it was not yet clear during that time what types of advertising the new principle would apply to.

Now Twitter has released more details. All advertising and marketing that describes ‘a choice, political celebration, elected or employed authorities official, referendum and election voting measure,legislation and regulations, directive or judicial outcome’ will no longer be accepted.

There will also be restrictions for advertisements that are specifically targeted at specific geographical locations.

There is enormous sociable strain on social media marketing organizations to prevent accepting advertisements that spread fake info and can impact elections. Twitter distinguishes itself from rival Facebook, which fails to remain in the way of governmental advertisements.

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