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Two-Thirds of Ransomware Attacks Come from Russia

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No fewer than 83 Belgian targets had to endure an attack with ransomware last year. In most cases, the perpetrators are Russian criminals. That writes De Standaard on Monday. The figures come from the Center for Cybersecurity.


Ransomware attacks are one of the main threats as they can shut down the entire operation of the target. “About two-thirds of ransomware cases are believed to be the work of Russian groups,” said Miguel De Bruycker, director of the CCB.

“Due to the conflict in Ukraine, our Cytris department (Cyber Threat Research and Intelligence Sharing, ed.) is monitoring this with extra attention. The war has led to tensions among those hacker groups on the dark web. Some, like Conti, openly support the Kremlin. But there are also divisions within those groups. Some tear off and leak their associates’ “toolbox” and other internal information.”

As the threat increases, the CCB is also expanding. The service, which falls under the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, now employs about fifty people and is already growing to 85 people. The plan is to go to 120 after that. However, this means that it remains a relatively small service by European standards.

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