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Uber Comes With A Combination Subscription

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Uber Comes with a combination Subscription: Taxi rides, Bicycles and Food. In San Francisco and Chicago, Uber is testing a new plan that combines the company’s various services.


Subscribers receive a discount on taxi rides, free delivery of meals with Uber Eats and free use of shared bicycles and electric scooters.

The new Uber subscription called Uber Pass has different appearances in the test phase,

 but all test-takers in San Francisco and Chicago will, in any case, receive a discount on taxi rides,

 free delivery for Uber Eats and free use of the JUMP sharing bicycles and partial steps.

The subscription costs 24.99 dollars a month.

Uber is also testing a cheaper subscription in other cities,

 with a discount for taxi rides, but food delivery is only free from a certain amount.

Partial bicycles and scooters are not part of that deal.

Uber had already introduced a Ride Pass in the United States in October,

 whereby users also receive discounts on journeys and where the fare does not change when traffic is disappointing.

But never before has Uber combined discounts from different services with each other.

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