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Up to Six Years in Prison for French Celeb Robbers

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A Paris court has sentenced eight people to up to six years in prison for being part of a gang of burglars who broke into buildings to steal millions in valuables from the rich and famous.


Among the victims were former Paris Saint-Germain footballer Thiago Silva. Operating in small groups, in addition to Silva’s home, they also robbed the homes of TV presenter Patrick Sebastien, celebrity chef Jean-Pierre Vigato and an unnamed wealthy Saudi Arabian man. They stole a total of 4.2 million euros worth of valuables.

The highest penalties were handed down to Mohamed S and Abdelazim G. The former is known as ‘The Cat’ due to his climbing abilities, a nickname he rejects. Mohamed S. confessed to two thefts but was convicted of five. Abdelazim G, alias ‘Bidou’ and ‘The Kid’, confessed to five thefts but was convicted of seven offences.

The other five men were sentenced to one to four years in prison for participating in the break-ins at different times. The only woman among the suspects was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for concealing stolen goods and possessing a weapon.

Silva, the former PSG captain, now playing for Chelsea, came home after a game on 23 December 2018 to find that his safe, jewellery and watches worth a total of €1.2 million had gone missing. Surveillance camera footage showed two men climbing up a drainpipe and entering Silva’s mansion through a window. Minutes later, they reappeared with their loot in a backpack and a suitcase that they had taken from the house.

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