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US Justice Investigates Ukrainians’ Meddling in 2020 Elections

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Federal prosecutors in the United States are investigating whether Ukrainians were guilty of meddling in the US presidential election last November, The New York Times reports.


It is known that Rudy Giuliani, then-President Donald Trump’s personal attorney at the time, had gone to Ukraine before the election for compromising material to use against Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The American judiciary is investigating, among other things, whether some current and former Ukrainian government officials have illegally interfered in the American elections. That would have happened, among other things, by spreading misleading claims about father and son Biden through Giuliani, The New York Times reports based on insiders.

The criminal investigation began as early as the closing months of Trump’s presidency, who left the White House on Jan. 20. The federal prosecutor investigated Brooklyn and is separate from the criminal investigation into Giuliani’s activities in Ukraine before the election.

In the run-up to the election, the Republicans tried to blacken Joe Biden by suspicion about his son Hunter Biden. Hunter, Joe Biden’s only surviving child with his first wife, is regarded as an enfant terrible in part due to his past alcohol and drug addiction and spent some time working for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

In Ukraine, he was alleged to have acted corrupt and used his father to get things done, opponents of President Biden claim.

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