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US Senator Calls Slavery Necessary Evil

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According to US Senator Tom Cotton, slavery in the United States was “a necessary evil on which our country is built.”


The Republican senator from Arkansas said this to a local newspaper in response to a law he introduced to curtail a new curriculum on slavery.

Coton ‘s law is about the 1619 Project, launched last year by The New York Times. The project wants the history lessons to be revised from the year 1619 when the first ships with slaves on board arrived in the then still English colony.

Much greater emphasis should be placed on the consequences of slavery and the contribution of black Americans to history.

Senator Cotton wants his law to prevent the curriculum for schools from being modified because “slavery was necessary.”

According to Cotton, the founders of the United States have always intended to end slavery. “The message of the 1619 Project is incorrect. Our country is not racist at its roots.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the founders of the project, is surprised about Cotton on Twitter. “If slavery based on skin colour, where it was allowed to rape, torture and sell people for profit, is a necessary evil, then it is hard to imagine what it doesn’t include.”

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