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US Senators Want to Prevent Trump’s Arms Deal With Emirates

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Three US senators want to prevent an arms deal with the United Arab Emirates negotiated by President Donald Trump.


The sales agreement is worth more than $ 23 billion.

For that amount the UAE wants to buy several drones, ammunition, and some Joint Strike Fighter fighter planes from the US.

Democratic Senators Bob Menendez and Chris Murphy and Republican Senator Rand Paul have tabled four resolutions to end that.

The senators argue that the Trump administration, which wants to finalize the deal quickly, has not sufficiently consulted the US parliament about the intended arms deal.

The ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs also refused to explain to the senators how they would deal with national security risks that the sale might entail.

In addition to the world’s most advanced fighter jet, the senators said the sale includes more than 14,000 bombs and other ammunition items, and the second-largest batch of drones ever sold by the US.

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