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US to Reopen Land Borders to Vaccinees

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The US is reopening its land borders with Canada and Mexico to everyone who has been vaccinated. As a result, there is no longer an urgent need for the journey.


From Monday, people travelling to the United States by plane will also be required to be vaccinated, except for Americans. Travellers still have to show a negative corona test result before the flight, but only the test is no longer sufficient for the flight to the US.

Since the start of the corona pandemic in March last year, the US has had a strict entry policy, which means that an American passport or residence permit was the condition for entering the country in almost all cases.

From January 2022, Americans must also be vaccinated to be able to go home. The opening of the borders was postponed several times. Since August 9, vaccinated Americans have been allowed to visit Canada, even if it was a non-essential trip. Mexico has never closed the border.

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