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Vice President of the US Will be in Charge of Migrant Files

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US Vice President Kamala Harris takes charge of a complex migrant file. At the request of President Joe Biden, she will try to stop the increasing flow of migrants from the south.


Harris has agreed to lead diplomatic efforts with Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. “I can’t think of anyone better qualified for this,” Biden said during a meeting with Harris by his side. He headed this file when he was the vice president of then President Barack Obama.

As the first female vice president, Harris has been mainly concerned with the corona crisis since she took office in January. Although she had not yet received any specific files from Biden, she had spoken to several foreign government leaders in the past few months. She says about the migrant file that there is no doubt that there is a real challenge in this.

There is currently a lot to be done about the flow of migrants from the south.

More and more people are leaving Central America because of the poverty there. They hope to travel via Mexico to the United States, where they hope to build a better future. The authorities are struggling with, among other things, an increase in the number of independently travelling children who report to the border, which has led to a shortage of reception capacity.

The problems at the border, according to the Democratic president, are the result of the “somewhat draconian” policies of his Republican predecessor Trump. The Republicans speak of a crisis and place the responsibility on Biden, who is reforming Trump’s strict migration policy.

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