Video App TikTok No Longer Available in Hong Kong

TikTok will no longer make its popular video app available in Hong Kong. According to a company spokesperson, this has to do with “recent developments”.


TikTok allows users to make short video clips and is famous worldwide. The company is owned by the Chinese ByteDance but has always emphasized that it does not share user data with the Chinese authorities.

In Hong Kong, which has a special status within China, a controversial security law has recently come into force. It prohibits, among other things, separatism and collusion with foreign powers. The police have also been given more powers.

The introduction of that law is internationally sensitive. Critics say Hong Kong’s special status is being undermined in this way. Companies such as Facebook and Google have already said that they will no longer share information with the Hong Kong authorities.

An insider says that the Asian city of millions was not an essential market for TikTok. The company would even make a loss there. TikTok announced in August last year that there were approximately 150,000 users in Hong Kong.

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