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Visiting Thailand this Summers? Do not Miss Pattaya Full Moon Party

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Thailand is one of the most fabulous summer holiday destinations. People from all over the world visit Thailand starting from early spring to late summers. The reason being its beaches, water sports, and food. There is a lot to try when you are visiting Thailand. However, Pattaya full moon party is worth not missing.

Full moon party in Thailand is a full night event that is celebrated for many years on the islands of Thailand before or after the full moon night. There are exclusive clubs, bars, and resorts that are designated for backpacking Thailand parties. Island is all lit up with colourful lights that can be seen quite a far away.

There is a lot of food, beer, music and some crazy activities involving fire acrobats and scary stunts. Most of the people playing with fire are experts who are trained and are doing this for many years. It is highly recommended that you do not get yourself involved until you are sure you will not harm yourself or anyone else.

Here are some questions that might help you know more about this party.

– When does this party occur?
Starting from Early Spring, it is organised every month before or after the full moon. For the year 2016, it starts in April and goes up to December.

– Is it safe for kids?
Going to the party with kids is not recommended as there are high chances that you might lose them. It’s dark and crowded there with top music and a lot of alcohol. People are smoking and drinking everywhere. You might find broken bottles on the floor sometimes. If you are travelling with kids and still want to visit, you can. You can be careful and stay with your kids away from the main activity area. Have a walk by the beach and enjoy some bar be the cue.

– Is it affordable?
Pattaya full moon party is quite affordable and can fit into your low budget holiday plans. Thailand is itself accessible to visit, and so are its parties. Furthermore, you will find many travel companies offering great deals, lucky draw passes and specialised tour packages specially for full moon party. You can get a package and enjoy your tour.

Whether you are already in Thailand, or you specifically travel for full moon party, it’s worth it. You will have a unique experience that will last forever in your good memories.

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