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Why is Turkey the Best Destination for Your Hair Transplant?

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If you have ever been to one of the airports of Istanbul, you most certainly have come across a good number of men wearing headbands. And the number of men wearing headbands keeps increasing year by year. This is the very proof that Turkey is the most famous destination for hair transplant globally.

If you are interested in and thinking of having a hair transplant, I am sure you have heard about hair transplant in Turkey. In fact, you might be looking for clinics in Turkey, or you might have already booked your hair transplant in Turkey.

This article may help you make your decision or support the decision you have already made. In any case, let’s look into the reasons making Turkey the best destination for hair transplant.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey attracts thousands of men from diverse backgrounds who would like to have a hair transplant as a permanent solution to their hair loss problem. Why men from different corners of the world choose Turkey to have their hair transplants?

High-quality hair transplant at affordable costs

Unlike most European countries, including the UK, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is not widely performed in Turkey. In most Turkey clinics, the latest hair transplant techniques are used, such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implementation), and Sapphire Hair Transplant.

FUT Hair Transplant technique is still widely available in Europe because the latest hair transplant techniques (FUE, DHI, Sapphire) are so expensive that most men cannot afford them.

However, in Turkey, the latest technology hair transplant techniques are very affordable because of lower labour and operational costs. Just to give an indication, you can have FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey one-third of the price of hair transplant in the UK.

All-inclusive hair transplant experience

Like MCAN Health, medical travel companies go above and beyond by offering high-quality hair transplant performed at a luxurious medical polyclinic by an experienced medical team. Plus all hair transplant packages include 4 or 5-star hotel accommodation and internal transfers from the airport to the hotel to the polyclinic. You can check MCAN Health’s hair transplant services in Turkey at https://www.mcanhealth.com/hair-transplant-turkey/

And the best thing they offer is transparency. What does it mean? Unlike most clinics in the UK, at MCAN Health, you do not pay based on the grafts implanted. There are a standard package and cost; the number of grafts implanted only depends on your donor area’s quality. As long as your donor area permits, the maximum number of grafts extracted and implanted during the procedure. So, you know what you pay for, no last-minute surprises!

Last but not least, Istanbul is one of the cities in many people’s travel bucket list. So, by choosing Turkey for hair transplant, people enjoy the best of both worlds.

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