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Xiaomi Fully Charges Smartphone in 8 Minutes

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Xiaomi Fully Charges Smartphone in 8 Minutes. The smartphone maker comes with an astonishingly fast charger that breaks world records.


Charging speed is increasingly becoming the new battleground for smartphone makers. Earlier, we saw the OnePlus 9 Pro, whose 4,500 mAh battery can be charged in half an hour. Oppo also came out last year with a 125W fast charger with which you can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in twenty minutes.

And now it’s up to Xiaomi, with the HyperCharge 200W charger. According to the Chinese tech giant, it fully charges a flat battery in eight minutes. After three minutes and eighteen seconds, you should already be at 50%, and with 44 seconds, you are at 10%.

It should be noted that these results were obtained with a modified telephone. Therefore, the technology is not yet ready for use with a standard smartphone, and we also question the (fire) safety of all this. It wouldn’t be the first time ambitious batteries have caused problems.

The 200W charger is also a wired one. At the same time, Xiaomi shows a wireless charger of 120W that can fully charge a battery in 15 minutes. Both speeds would be world records.

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